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Alumni Association


Scholarship function 2018
"Award of Scholarship function in Alumni Association meet 2018 was conducted on 28.02.2018. Mr.T.Thamizhseran , I year B.Sc. Nursing was awarded by cash prize Rs. 25,000. Chairman felicitated the function, Principal Prof.Dr. P. Genesta Mary Gysel, and Vice-Principal Prof. Mrs. R.Uma, preside over the function."





Scholarship function 2017
" Award of Scholarship function in Alumni Association meet 2017 was conducted on 19.07.2017. Ms.P.Malliga , II year B.Sc. Nursing was awarded by cash prize Rs. 20,000. Chairman felicitated the function, Principal Prof.Dr. P. Genesta Mary Gysel, and Vice-Principal Prof. Mrs. R.Uma, preside over the function."





The name of the association shall be “The Alumni Association, SABARI College of Nursing, Puducherry” This association is an independent association of graduates of Sabari College of Nursing, Puducherry.


The office of the association shall be located at the Sabari college of Nursing, Puducherry .

The aims and objectives of the association shall be:
1. To establish a sense of espirit de corps among the members.

2. To maintain effective communication network among the old student and the parent institution.

3. To provide opportunity to meet and share the experiences of the members periodically.

4. To uphold the dignity of profession and maintain the professional standard.

5. To conduct developmental activities in the parent institution.

6. To up bring the young professionals towards personal and professional growth

7. To update the knowledge and skills in current trends of nursing

8. Provides financial assistance through creating educational scholarship to poor, talented students studying in Sabari College of Nursing.


All graduates who have successfully completed Basic B.Sc Nursing from this institution shall be the member of this association. All eligible graduates shall remit a life time membership fee of Rs.500/-. They have to complete the enrollment and hand over the same to the Secretary.

The administration of the Association shall vest in an executive committee, hereafter referred to as committee elected for the purpose.

1. Patron- Principal, Sabari College of Nursing, Puducherry.

2. President- Student, Sabari College of Nursing, Puducherry. (B. Sc).

3. Vice president- Student, Sabari College of Nursing, Puducherry. (B. Sc).

4. Secretary- Student, College of Nursing, Puducherry. (B. Sc).

5. Treasurer- Staff, College of Nursing, Puducherry.

6. Joint Secretary- Student, College of Nursing, Puducherry.

7. Representatives – from Members -3

8. The term of office of the Committee shall be for a period of two year.

9. A committee once elected shall continue to hold office till a new committee assumes charge.


Subject to the consent of the General Body of the Association, the Executives shall have the following power:

1. To manage all affairs of the Association, to incur and meet all necessary expenses and do all such acts as are not in consistent with these rules.

2. To accepts application for membership and enlist members.

3. To hold meetings of the Committee at least once in 6 months.

4. To periodically check the registers and the other records of the association.

5. To conduct orientation programmes for its members in the interest of maintaining professional standards.

6. To implement all decisions taken by the General Body.

7. To fill up any casual vacancy in the committee by co-option.

8. To elect an eligible candidate for the scholarship according to the criteria laid down.

• An Election Committee consisting of one Convenor and two Members of the Association shall be constituted by the Executive Committee on a date not less than three months before the expiry of term of office of the Executive Committee.

• The Election Committee shall frame a Schedule indicating last date for nomination withdrawal of and the date of election (if necessary), and call for nominations from the eligible members for election to the Executive Committee. Each nomination shall be proposed by and seconded by two members of the Association with the consent of the candidate given in writing and duly signed by them and addressed to Secretary. The nominations shall reach the Secretary as per schedule given by the Election Committee. The Secretary shall after the last date for withdrawal and after scrutiny forward all pass all the nominations received by him to the Election Committee.

• The Election Committee shall scrutinise the nominations received and inform the candidates concerned of the acceptance or otherwise of the nomination. After the withdrawal period is over, if there is a contest election, will be conducted. The Election Committee shall send the Ballot papers to the entire eligible member. Ballot papers, with vote marking, received back from the members will be scrutinised by the Election Committee and the results will be reported by the Election Committee of the Secretary of the Association.

• The secretary shall place the report of the Election Committee in the next Meeting of Executive committee and the results shall be announced after the approval of the Executive Committee and shall be placed at the Annual General Body Meeting for ratification.

He/ She shall have control over the affairs of the Association and shall preside over the Committee meetings and the meetings of General Body.

She shall have power to convene meetings of the committee and of the General Body either on her own initiative or on the written requisition of at least 4 members in the case of executive committee and 25 members in the case of general body meetings.

Vice President

He/she shall be elected from among the students. He/ she will perform the duties of the President in his/ her absence.

The Secretary
She/ he shall be elected from students. She/ he shall have the following powers.

1. To receive all application for membership and place them before the Committee for enrolling members.

2. To maintain proper registers and records to keep in safe custody.

3. To keep regular account of income and expenditure of the association, and it shall be presented to the general body for approval annually.

4. To convene meeting of the Committee or of the General Body when authorized to do so by the President.

5. To keep a correct record of the proceedings of all Committee and General Body meetings.
6. To perform all other functions as may be assigned from time to time by the President or by the Executive Committee.

7. She shall have the powers to operate the accounts of the association and to incur such expenditure as may be approved by the Committee.

8. She shall get the annual statement of accounts prepared audited and such statements shall be placed before the Committee and the General Body.

Joint secretary
She/ he has to discharge all the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary in her/ his absence.

She/ he shall be responsible of maintaining the accounts of the income and expenses. Will have to present the accounts in the general body meeting and get approved. He/ she will be operating the account of the association along with the Secretary.

1. The Executive committee of the association shall meet periodically.

2. The President shall preside over all the meetings. In her absence, the Secretary will preside over the meetings.

1. The General Body ordinarily meet twice in a year.

2. The annual meeting shall be convened along with the Graduation Ceremony of the Outgoing Graduates.

1. The Association shall have a common seal. This shall be in the safe custody of the Secretary.

2. To have an Emblem.

3. Any document executed by the Association shall be signed by the President and the Secretary.



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